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(introduction by the author himself)

Like many taboos and traditional dogmas which were dominating western conceptions for generations and are falling apart in this modern era, also the conception about the ideal female physical appearance is changing its face in the last decades. What was taken for granted about feminine figure and its physical features, is now vacating its place for new concepts. The traditional ideals which considered the feminine beauty, sensuality and eroticism as closely related with her physical softness and weakness are replaced by ideals which find in her physical hardness and strength a marvelously sensual expression of the feminine seductive physical display. No doubt this mini-revolution is a part of the mega feministic revolution with all of its good and bad points. At the same time, the increasing popularity of the female muscularity and strength within bodybuilding, wrestling and fitness is also closely related to the man's new openness and readiness to discard some of his obsolete, narrow concepts about femininity in general and the female eroticism in particular. The root for this maturation of man's view as I see it, is in the transition from percepting the quality of the female's facial look as the sole measure for her beauty, to the broader perception of her overall sensuality which is very closely related also with the feminine physique, as a new measure for her beauty. In more practial words, it is the transition from the man's temptation towards the most beautifully faced but lean or even anorectic fashion models, to the temptation offered by the more abundant feminine physiques possessing also fairly or very good looking faces. Men's attraction to women's muscles in their various grades is a part of the men's revelations about the charm of the feminine physical abundance. Men now seem to rely for greater extent upon their feelings which are more closely related to the feminine sensuality (physique), than relying upon their eye-sight-judgement which is more related to the female's facial beauty.

However In my view, the feminine strength and muscularity are adding something even more unique of their own to the women's and men's understanding about femininity and masculinity. By marching forward on this path of new concepts, both the female and male are discovering that femininity and masculinity are far more than just the existence or absence of external physical characteristics of muscles and strength. They are finding out that these characteristics are not those which really define the essence of femininity and masculinity . As a man I can say that understanding more deeply the independent essence of masculinity on external features and its intimate and powerful relationship with deep internal mental traits, allows me to enjoy more thoroughly these new physical expressions of feminine beauty and sensuality, and also the fantasies about being physically dominated by strong women.

Men always wonder how a good looking and sensual lady with muscles can turn herself to become physically hard. Every man, even he may not admit it, also desires to experience personally that feminine bodily hardness due its mysteriously high erotic appeal . This is indeed the preliminary immediate reason why men are attracted to feminine strength at the first glance. However, in the long term, the real hardness which make men highly curious about a muscular lady is the extent of her mental hardness. Meaning, the puzzles which occupy men's minds about whether alongside with her capability to turn her body hard, is she also capable to turn her mind hard ? Is she capable in reality to make her mind truly hard to use her muscles for dominating men ? Is she mentally capable to use her strength to torture men ? Is she despite her victim's beggings, mentally able to cause him harsh pains ? Can a man have the feeling of risking his life when she enjoys abusing him using her physical strength ? Can her natural sensuality fit into her possible cruel acts of torturing men ? Can she truly impose her will on a man by using her strength to overcome his struggle, just for her own enjoyment, and still remain feminine ? So beyond the men's burning desire to sense the tight pressure of feminine muscles and their ability to cause pains, there is even greater desire and curiosity to experience the limits of a female's mental hardness inside her attractive muscular physique. Although men know deep in their hearts that in reality even the externally muscular women cannot transcend the internal natural and the original feminine nature which is inherently tender and merciful, they most like to imagine that a muscular woman can do it and become cruel. All these puzzles and his imagination make a man curious as well as highly aroused by provoking fantasies in his mind. The fantasies which are provoked in men's imagination concerning these feminine features are the fuel which light the hot entertainment side of the female bodybuilding, wrestling, fitness world. Deep in his heart a man desires to be controlled physically by a female in the unique feminine way and to explore the true deeply situated dark feminine desires. These intriguing and arousing contradictions between females' the physical softness, the mental tenderness and their muscularity, can also explain why many men (like me) find the female bodybuilders most attractive at their off season lush shape. In that shape, it is the best combination of the feminine natural physical softness and her muscles - the combination of the Female Strength and Sensuality.