Muscles of Dee Kay

Hunt and Toy

An essay by Mark about feminine physical strength

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

Hunt and Toy

I find a female with muscles the sweetest at her various non-contest casual poses. Then she actually brings out the very best of her all over appeal of femininity and strength. It's all together. Her pure feminine sensuality, beauty, voluptuousness and above all her strength. It is very easy to imagine such a strong female which one finds attractive in the different posing pictures, as a lioness waiting for her hunt. Lioness, because lions in nature have grace, muscles structure and strength which make them the kings (queens) of animals and as such, a female lioness erotic appeal is unbeatable by any other female. These all are a real turn on for a man - an irresistible combination. Then, it's natural to fantasize to be physically dominated by such a woman. Every fan of female muscularity can choose in his imagination anyone of the many beautiful, strong females which are found on the web and portray his private scenario of being hunted by her and becoming her prey. I imagine such a good looking, powerful woman watching me carefully as I walk alone in a street and me looking so sweet and tender to her, she decides to make the attack. Now it's up to her how she would treat me. Actually I crave she would bring me close to death in different ways as she chooses. It could be such a sweet experience of death and I wish she could do it to me again and again in different ways. It would be so lovely watching her beautiful and powerful muscles working vigorously, wrestling against me taking me down like a lioness takes her prey down. Her arms empowered by the mighty shoulders holding me down on my back. Then while being squeezed under her powerful body and finally becoming helplessly surrendering to her, she surrounds my neck with her fingers and squeeze my throat to death or perhaps her muscular thighs embrace my body like a snake and squeeze me to death breaking my bones. Or perhaps her lush breasts cover my nose, press it under them suffocating me. Most I like to imagine such a woman biting me on the throat as the lioness does to her victims, crushing my windpipe. It would be so thrilling to smell the mixture of her sweet saliva and warm sweat covering my throat under her lethal bite.


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