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The Human Lioness - Part 2

A story by Mark about feminine physical strength

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

The Human Lioness - Part 2

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Greg like many other men always loved to imagine attractive women as cats or other predatoresses. He loves to imagine how an attractive woman tears him apart. He loves to imagine her enjoyment and satisfaction in doing this. But he is also aware that in the ordinary cases it can be only a role playing. An average woman cannot physically force on a man anything unless he lets her taking the control. It had not ever been a real scenario in the past. But nowadays with the increasing number of women who acquire physical strength under the different branches of the bodycare field, it becomes at least in theory, more and more a real possibility. Now men can imagine their fantasies of being crushed by women becoming true as a reality forced on them by strong women. It's not a role playing in their imagination. In their imagination, they can really and totally be found physically subjugated to a female's will without being able to anything against it. If she wants, the right woman can take them and tear them apart. Some men always dream to see how a woman enjoys in doing it. They want to explore the underlying secrets of the male-female erotic attraction and to enjoy it. What are a female's the wildest erotic fantasies about men ? Those men want to see how her deeply situated lusts about men are fulfilled. How her feminine body, her feminine look, her feminine phycology play role in harshly dominating them as allowed by her superior physical strength. How her sweet beauty goes together with vicious harshness. Can she give pain in some unique gentle and soft feminine way which men never could ? How far she can really go ? They want to sense and taste the feminine essence by its WHOLE: the feminine physical softness and hardness, feminine tenderness and viciousness, her weakness and strength, her good smells and bad smells, her mercy and cruelty, her ability to give birth and her ability to kill. Her ability to give life and to take a life. Her motherly behavior and her predatory behavior. Her ability to cause pleasure and her ability to cause pains. It's not just an intellectual curiosity for men. It's mainly an instinctive desire. An erotic passion. Men want to explore the whole secret of the feminine existence through her contradictory extremes. Men lust for experiencing those extremes coming true on their bodies. Men want to crack the secrets of their attraction to the feminine gender.

Greg at the last fractions of his conscious moments was given under the unbearable pains of his near death. But at those very moments his mind was also blazed by a sudden blow of countless revelations giving answers to some of his profound questions about the feminine nature. Greg was seeing what are the true dark feminine desires. What a woman truly lusts to do with men if she is given the complete freedom to do whatever she wants. What are her real dark desires which are always a top secret in the daily life for the majority of men. What are their feminine original lusts which the females never dare to reveal explicitly, due to the eternal insecurity that is inherently integrated within the feminine character and due to the prolonged teachings the female gender has been receiving from the society. The flow of the revelations was too intense and fast. On one hand it gave him huge satisfaction but on the another, it was very frustrating for Greg to know he would not be able to really digest the huge flow of new revelations, as he is going to be compelled to keep them with him forever by Magy's merciless bite.

And almost simultaneously with these thoughts, Greg fell abruptly into total blackout. In the very last fractions of a second of his consciousness, Greg felt the inner fabrics of his throat start rubbing each other under the enormous pressure of Magy's teeth. That was the sharp pain he could not bear any more. He felt what the prey passes under the bite of a real lioness. Magy sensed how a lioness in the wild feels when the throat of her victim starts smashing under her bite. At that moment Greg stopped moving. Magy felt it's over. She sensed how her teeth reach the deep hard core of Greg's throat and scratch the inner elements in it. She thought it is the lethal stage of her bite that finally took Greg's life. That her teeth has devastated some vital mechanism of this man's throat. Magy rose her head away from Greg's throat and watched keenly toward his drop dead handsome face and toward the deep grooves her teeth had left on his throat. For one minute or two she thought it's the end. But then immediately, as her breasts were losing their hardness, her right breast sensed under it that Greg's heart was still beating weakly. She got immediately that Greg wasn't dead after all. To finish her job she had to break the inner fabrics in Greg's throat. Right away with new ecstasy of passions, Magy bent her head towards Greg's loose neck and caught again with her teeth his shattered throat. Her passions were overflowing again. Now she desired to actually break Greg's windpipe into two pieces. She wanted to irreversibly devastate it. But as she started squeezing again, suddenly she got something and she paused. Magy indeed has the grace and the muscle structure of a lioness. But she also has the brain of a human being. And that brain started thinking - taking over her instinctive feminine passions. She rapidly recalled all the enjoyment she has passed until she brought Greg to his present situation. How sweetly pleasurable was every little step she took with her victim. How sweet was the every little thought of her expectations. How sweet was the every little step of hunting. How gorgeous is her victim. How sweet it was seeing him alive and knowing he is all hers. How sweet it was to lick the lips when she knows that. How sweet it was when he saw it. How sweet looked his hard, long, thick but vulnerable windpipe when he was standing near her. How sweet it looked intact. How sweet was to imagine it being deformed between her teeth. How sweet was the pain she felt in her teeth who were eagerly expecting to carry out their task. How eager they were to fulfill the predatory commands of her passions . How sweet it was when her victim's feet collapsed under her physical strength. How sweet it was to bring him down to the earth and to serve his throat, full of life, towards her mouth. How sweet it was giving the last lick to her teeth preparing them for their beloved task. How sweet it was to feel his throat in her mouth for the first time. How sweet was the first soft touch of her teeth with his throat. How sweet it was the first touch of her teeth with his hard windpipe when they surrounded it. How sweet it was slowly making him short of his charming breath. How sweet were his struggles to free himself from the tight hold of her body. How sweet was the sensation to feel her muscles' elegant efforts to control his desperate struggle. How sweet it was to sense the pressure of the bite as her teeth slowly sank deep down into her victim's throat. How sweet was the touch when her lips squeezed against his throat sensed its inner pulses of life. How sweet look now the lethal deep grooves of her teeth on his irresistible throat. A throat that so many females would lust to bite. How sweet it is to know that his throat carries inside unseen lethal injuries which only she has carved. All these little moments contained huge amounts of enjoyment which Magy could not forget. Now she craved for the final ultimate enjoyment of the killing. But killing can be done only once. The ultimate, 100% enjoyment can come only once, no more. But if she stops here, then she will be able to repeat 90% of the whole enjoyment again. What's better ? One time enjoyment of 100% or many times enjoyment of 90% ? Magy decided to go on the second option. Now she will be also able to watch and enjoy the live effects of her deeds, on her prey. Magy decided to make Greg her toying doll.........

..........Greg woke up. Immediately he felt unbearable pains deep in his throat. It was like he was stabbed deep in his throat. He tried to swallow but it was absolutely impossible. For many minutes he could not think of anything due to the severe pains. Then after quite a long time, despite the terrible pains, Greg forced himself to think. It seemed like it was morning. He was lying on a sofa with his clothes on. He began vaguely recalling what happened yesterday. He forced himself to get up and sit. Greg sat on the sofa while the enormous pains still torturing him. Then he looked forward and saw a bedroom. The door was open and he saw Magy sleeping there on bed, projecting such a calm look. Greg could watch her from the right side of her body. Her powerful body was relaxed. Her muscles were loose and resting. Then suddenly Greg remembered everything. First he was surprised he is still alive. It looked like Magy had brought him to her apartment after he fainted. Certainly it was not the room where she had dragged him to yesterday evening. He looked at her again and became highly aroused. His predatoress was sleeping on her back and looking so harmless and sweet. Her dense blonde hair was free - spread all over around her head on the white sheet. Her lips carrying on them just a faint reminiscences of the dark red lipstick as most of it was spread on Greg's throat. He touched the place on his throat where Magy's lips were attached yesterday and felt sticky substance under his fingers. As he looked at them he found them turned reddish and a faint smell of her lipstick rising from them. Greg was thinking Magy's calm look could be appealing to every man not just due to her attractive face but also due to the mixture of generosity and grace found there. Kind of men's fantasy about having comfortable life with a woman - as if, as soon as she wakes up, she would rejoice bringing a breakfast to her man at his bed. Greg could see Magy's calm breathings as her breasts and belly moved up and down in a monotonous, fixed rhythm. Her thick, fleshy right arm was lying straight alongside to her physique, displaying the huge circumference of it with the abundantly fleshy and seemingly soft biceps and triceps contained in it. Her right shoulder looked incredibly bulky and broad, giving idea of the immensely vigorous actions it allows Magy's arm to perform to overcome her opponent. Magy was lying on her back while her shoulders were on the pillow and her head was positioned just over the upper edge of the pillow bending her neck backward. That bending of her neck gave the most lovely sight of Magy's curved throat. It was exceptionally thick for a woman but at the same time looked so femininely soft. Greg was highly fascinated to watch from where he was sitting, the profile of her smooth but very thick windpipe protruding from the center of her throat. In his wild imagination, Greg saw Magy squeezing out with her teeth the abstract essence of his life by biting his throat, sucking it with her mouth and breathing it through her windpipe which he was watching now. He felt as if he is watching the closest inner domain of Magy's body where his life could be found or going to be found shortly. He found Magy's throat tremendously sensual and the huge windpipe of her, as a place where her erotic and predatory passions meet together creating within her the charming and magical motivation to hunt him, that fully extracts from her the feminine voluptuousness, cruelty and the erotic hunger. Greg sat there for several minutes indulged in recalling all of his thrilling, passionate experiences and suffering his present pains. He wondered why Magy has kept him alive. Will she finish what has not been finished yesterday when she wakes up ? Is she going to take his life this morning ?

Then suddenly Magy appeared at the door of the bedroom, sweetly smiling. After standing there few seconds, she approached and sat near Greg. "Let's take a look on you", she said in a heavy, low voice full of passion. With her right hand she caught the hair on Greg's head and bent it slightly back. Greg did not resist even slightly. He came to the conclusion there's no point in fighting. The results were known from the beginning. It was a lost battle. He was totally surrendered. Magy took Greg's head back and watched closely the grooves of her teeth on his windpipe. This light bending of his neck, tremendously enhanced the already sharp pains in Greg's throat. He groaned loudly and it turned Magy on. Greg saw Magy licking her lips and froze. His whole body became stiff. He was thinking his time has come. That now Magy is truly going to slay him. Greg felt aroused by watching how Magy's passions come alive. What particularly enhanced his excitement was the bad smell from Magy's mouth. Yesterday evening her breath was clean - a typical feminine one. The breath which females are so sensitive about it in their social interactions, taking uncompromising strict care to keep it fresh and sweet, projecting their overall neatness, as a part of their desperate feminine need not to be rejected by their surroundings for ANY reason. But now early in the morning, Magy had just got up and even before brushing her teeth and washing her mouth, she approached Greg. Greg found her mouth's smell highly erotic - as a sign for her appetite for him and her eagerness to taste him. He thought she had chosen him as her breakfast. He found her breath and its smell symbolizing her unleashed passions and cruel desires which are going to bring his death. It made him real hard. Magy brought her mouth close to Greg's throat while licking her lips. The bad smell of her mouth intensified. The vapors rising from the saliva on her lips, entered Greg's nostrils and dazzled his mind. Their smell intensified his passions for being torn apart by her. They gave him feeling about the intensity of Magy's wild determination. They gave him an indication of how confident she feels with her strength. Magy doesn't need to be nice to have what she craves for. Her strength allows her just to take it exactly as she wants, whenever she wants it. Greg sensed Magy lightly licking the place where she left her grooves yesterday. With all the pains and fears it was amazingly pleasant touch for Greg. Magy tried to imagine the damage and injuries lying beneath those grooves. The wounds which her own teeth have carved and she has enjoyed so much to create. The wounds which were supposed to take her victim's life but found out to be insufficient. Greg enjoyed the feeling on his throat as her tongue gently covered it with her saliva. Then he felt Magy's teeth placed on his throat precisely on the grooves. He became tensed expecting his forthcoming death. Greg held his breath. Without waiting too much Magy gave a light bite on Greg's windpipe. Even being very light, it causes incredible pains at the core of Greg's throat. He could not withstand it and lost his consciousness for a minute. Magy got an idea how deep, lethal and painful are the wounds she has produced deep inside her victim's throat. For Greg, the terrible pains were a direct evidence for the enormity and the power of Magy's predatory desires and for her passion to fulfill them. Magy became aroused by watching Greg's sufferings. As soon as Greg woke up, she gave a deep kiss on his throat and then while getting up from the sofa she said she is going to prepare some food for both of them. Greg was very hungry but did not know how he is going to swallow anything.

The food Magy served looked very delicious. But Greg could hardly have it. He tried to drink cold water and swallow the food bit by bit. Magy watched from the other side of the table Greg's efforts. She loved to watch Greg's pains, imagining the lethal wounds her teeth had created deep down at the core of her victim's throat. Even more she enjoyed to watch her victim's adorable throat moving each time he managed to swallow something. She found the pains on his handsome face causing her so much pleasure and the movement of his vulnerable and wounded throat causing her enormous sexual arousal. Magy found herself imagining as if her victim's throat is sizzling from inside with the essence of his masculine life. She desired to hunt him and squeeze out that essence. She knew she can do it even with her bare hands. She knew her fingers are strong enough to strangle her victim, breaking apart his windpipe. But she found it infinitely more fascinating to let her teeth to crush his throat. She knew her victim would also enjoy it much more. Magy was stunned to explore this latent predatory side within herself and its overwhelming impact on her behavior, without having any feelings-of-guilt as she always has when she even just thinks of hurting anybody due to hatred, anger, jealousy, etc:: the so typical feminine characteristic feelings-of-guilt with which she was well familiar as a woman, since her early teenage. She was now most intrigued by the revelation that a man's extremely gorgeous look in her eyes, has been collided with the already existing high man-lust she has always possessed, and this collision has now (yesterday) triggered some deeply situated feminine predatory passions within her (or within every woman ???.... she wondered). She was aware that her high physical strength gave her the required confidence to take one step further and to materialize her awaken feminine passions into a practical act of hunting and preying this handsome man. She now enjoyed the feeling of having such high physical strength. She pumped up her biceps and her belly muscles while sitting there naturally and without Greg being able to know she is doing it under her clothes in front of him. She sensed the enormous ability of her own muscles to crush this handsome man within seconds. She could hardly control now her sizzling passions which drove her to make the last wild assault on her victim, crushing him faster than she had ever done to her countless opponents at her sessions and taking his life most viciously. Magy managed to control herself but she continued gazing toward Greg's throat trying to find new points there which she would love to crush next time. She wondered how her prey would react to those bites. Greg found Magy gazing continuously on his throat and knew what she was craving for. He could see it in her eyes as they have became wide open and following every movement of his throat. He could see Magy's mouth becoming moist.

In the next few days Magy occasionally gave Greg's throat light bites. The wounds inside his windpipe started recovering. Gradually he could eat more easily. Greg had also noticed that Magy usually invested quite a lot in preparing delicious food. She found it flattering when Greg praised her delicious food. After Greg was recovered, everyday Magy started biting his throat quite hard on different places. She found it fascinating as a predatoress. She was discovering so many new ways to give a man deadly bites on different places on his throat. Each different bite was an unique enjoyment and a different experience for her. Each time Magy loved so much to watch the excitement on her prey's handsome face as he saw her mouth approaching his throat. Each time she newly enjoyed the shiver passing through her man's body when her lips met his throat. Each time she sensed how he becomes hard and each time Greg sensed Magy's breasts becoming hard as she started sinking her teeth into his throat. Each time Greg sensed not only her mouth and lips becoming wet, but also the wetness appearing on that place of her dress which covered THE area between Magy's legs. Each time it was new passion for both of them. Greg became thrilled each time she took him. Each time he was ignorant about Magy's intentions. He didn't know if that was it. Was that his last day ? Have she came to the decision ? Is this time she is going to crack his throat forever ? Is this the last time he smells her intoxicating clean mouth breath ? For magy, each time the most difficult part was to stop before she crosses the line from which her deeds would be irreversible. All her passions always told her to go till the end. To finish her prey right now. To crack his windpipe and have the ultimate satisfaction. To witness his last breath. To witness his last desperate struggle. To take his life. To see his dead open mouth which was craving for a bit of air. To see his dead hardness down there as frozen at the moment of his death, indicating his true lust to be devoured by her, to be strangled by her, to be crushed by her strength, to be killed between her teeth. But Magy wanted to control herself. She didn't want her passions to take over her reason. She wanted to keep her toy alive and to use him for her prolonged enjoyment.

Once, just before Magy approached Greg to start one of her passionate games with him, he asked her whether she had other men who have experienced her predatory side before him and what gives her such high pleasure preying handsome man. While waiting for her reply, he felt she was blushing. She ignored the first part of his question and told him while pleasantly smiling that what gives her the highest mental pleasure is the fact the a man enjoys to be preyed by her and what gives her the highest physical pleasure is the sensation of his desperate struggle against her body and that she uses her muscles to control it.

And then........, suddenly one evening, one of Magy's gym mates came to see her. She looked quite young - somewhere at her early twenties. She was wearing a tight yellow satin dress reaching up to her knees. But by the way she was walking and by the images of her thighs protruding through her tight dress, it was clear that amongst the darkness at the space surrounding her thighs covered by her yellow dress, she was carrying with her massive, thick and healthy thighs. She looked somewhat less stronger than Magy but was quite good looking. She had with her a shiny fancy red bag - kind of the one with which many women like to show off. What she seemed to lack significantly is Magy's grace. She was wearing glasses which together with her young age made her to look like a primary school teacher. He recalled Magy had told him once about her female gym mates who like to see themselves as cats or tigers but not as lions, except Magy herself who always has been aware of the grace of a lioness she possesses. This visitor matched Magy's description. She looked to Greg nervous like a cat. She was standing near the door. Magy approached her and both of them started talking. Greg could not understand what they were talking about as they were standing quite a far. While they were talking the visitor saw Greg. It seemed to Greg she asked Magy about him and Magy replied. The visitor giggled and then gazed towards Greg. Meanwhile Magy went to the kitchen to prepare a drink for her mate. The gym mate approached the sofa Greg was sitting on and took her seat near him. While being seated, her bottom hit the sofa heavily - almost in a free fall from its standing position. As if her thighs refused to fulfill their duty of moderating her fall down, after the huge muscles inside them worked so hard in the gym. "Hi sweety", she said smiling and in a passionate voice. She took off her glasses and stared into Greg eyes. Greg saw deep in her eyes an expression of a young human predatoress. Then her eyes glided down and locked themselves on Greg's throat. Greg could smell from her body the remains of her dried sweat and could see her glittering lips covered with fresh red lipstick. No signs were on her for any perfume. Greg understood she is coming from the gym. He got she is not carrying in her fancy bag any perfume but just lipstick. She had probably put it just now on her lips after finishing her gym drills. "You are so sweet" she said, and while licking her red lips she stretched her right hand forward, placed it behind Greg's neck. "I feel like tasting you a little bit" she said and started pulling him by his neck towards her. Greg got what are her plans. Greg knew them from the way she talked to him, from the look in her eyes, from the strength in her hands, from the smell of her saliva rising from her wet, red, glittering lips. Her saliva smelled to him acrid, more than usual. The smell made him little dizzy. He knew this smell is an indication of extremely high and uncontrolled predatory passions. Perhaps also it smelled different due to her heavy energetic exercises in the gym changing the taste of her mouth metabolically. Anyway, Greg knew she was going to finish him within seconds after her mouth touches his throat. Her strong arm continued their efforts for bringing him near her. She wanted to serve his throat for her mouth, her teeth, her bite, her passions. Her mouth got closer. But she had also relatively huge breasts. Greg's body touched them. He found them already extremely hard. He knew she is burning with uncontrolled lust. She was young and she wanted it immediately. Her passions were dominating her. She was not going to play around. She wanted it straight immediately. Her huge hard breasts still prevented her from bringing his throat to her lips. She pulled him towards her using all of her muscles. Greg's body squeezed against her hard breasts and it caused her great pains. She moaned deeply due to the pains but she didn't stop. Her mouth was now just fractions of inches from Greg's windpipe. The intensity of her saliva's smell was deep penetrating. Greg knew she was now very hot inside. Her saliva was very warm releasing hot vapors from her red lips into his nostrils. It was the smell of his upcoming death. And finally her mouth touched his throat. Although he was excited and hard, Greg didn't want to be killed by her. She had no grace. She was not a woman of class. Greg wanted it only from Magy. Magy knew what she herself wanted but also what men want. She knew what men expect from a sensual woman and how they want secretly such a woman to hunt them. She was intelligent, she had grace, she owned class. But this young girl knew only her own instincts and desired to fulfill them. She didn't know what men expect from her. She didn't know what does grace mean. She didn't know what is the significance of the feminine sensuality. Her emotions seemed to be shallow, her mind seemed to be narrow & silly. It seemed like showing off with the fanciness of her bag to impress others was more important for her than showing the brilliance of her mind. As her mouth touched his throat, she wide opened her jaws and took a huge chunk of Greg's windpipe into her wet mouth and started squeezing it. She had no patience. She wanted to damage as much as she can, as fast as she can. Greg screamed loudly. Magy came out of the kitchen and pulled her gym mate backward. Magy took her aside. Greg could not hear what both of them were saying but by their actions he knew there was some dispute going on. Just briefly he heard once Magy's friend when she raised her voice saying, "..... but I would not kill him.....". Now Greg got it all along. Magy was afraid her friend was going to steal her sweet toy. Magy desired to keep this sweet, precious toy for her own exclusive use. It was Magy's prey and she finally desired to kill him by herself. Magy wanted to enjoy this handsome, sweet man she found till the end. Greg was a precious toy for her. She did not want to share her toy with others. After all, it's not easy in these days to find such ideally all together sweet, handsome, gentle and intelligent man like Greg which satisfies a modern woman's over all expectations. Magy knew that and also Greg.

Magy's friend was now on her way out. She gave a last look onto Greg and released a deep sigh. A sigh of unfulfilled desires. A sigh of grief for losing such gorgeous prey.

Greg began thinking this incident may shorten his life. Magy will start worrying she may lose him to some other predatoress. Magy will begin to be afraid here secret prey is going to be known among other predatoresses. The last thing Magy would like is to lose Greg to someone other like her. He felt Magy will not forgive herself if she would not experience the ultimate joy of preying upon such rarely handsome man. Greg began feeling Magy is soon going to take him down and to give him her last deadly bite. Magy closed the door and came near him. She stood there gazing upon him. Now Magy had to decide what she was going to do. To give Greg the deadly bite or to continue toying with him. To give up such gorgeous man just for her paranoiac fears, or to go on worrying lest some other predatoress will be tempted to snatch such gorgeous hunt from her..............


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