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The Human Lioness - Part 1

A story by Mark about feminine physical strength

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

The Human Lioness - Part 1

PROLOGUE: There are certain muscular women - particularly among those with blonde hair and grey eyes, that one can easily resemble them to lionesses. Some of them have the right mixture of physical strength, muscles structure, the look in their eyes and above all a rarely found grace, which with little imagination can be likened to the most graceful animals in the wild - the lions. However, besides the grace and the physical strength a human lionesses possess, they also have the voluptuousness and the unique erotic appeal that no other human female possess.

The ultimate surrender of a prey to his predatoress in the wild is when the predatoress sinks her teeth into her victim's throat. For a man, it might be the ultimate submission to a strong voluptuous female lioness. And for those men who enjoy the female physical domination upon them, it might be also the highest enjoyment.

Greg* was such a man and he just had been caught by Magy - a perfect human lioness.

While being squeezed under Magy's the soft but powerful physique's tight pressure, Greg found it extremely fascinating that in his last moments while he is subjugated to a female's will to make him her victim, he will be smelling the feminine heavy breaths produced due to her physical efforts to bring him down. He was fascinated to know that a female uses her strength to fulfill her deep erotic and predatoric desires for handsome men. Greg found it thrilling and most tempting that Magy uses her immense strength just to prepare her male victim for her deadly bite, exactly as a lioness in the wild. He craved to experience the pressure of Magy's strengthful female body firmly holding him down not letting him escaping his fate despite his desperate efforts, and the pressure of her mouth powered by the enormous strength of her neck on his throat, pushing his thick, hard windpipe deep down into his throat. While his imagination running wild, Magy decided to gain the most fascinating enjoyment a woman can experience by using her physical strength against a handsome man. She decided to enjoy the thrill of taking a handsome man's life in the most passionate way possible. She decided to take a bite of Greg's throat until he is dead. Magy desired to sense the thrill as a predatoress does when she kills her prey by biting his throat. While Greg was trying to regain his lost breaths, he saw Magy's open mouth approaching his throat and finally sensed the touch of her teeth taking their grip around his windpipe.............

* To know more about Greg, read Soft Flesh, Hard Thighs on this site.

It all started when Greg came to Magy's public session. It was now more than 2 years since the incident with Pamela. Pamela had squeezed Greg between her thighs until she sensed one or two of his ribs cracking down. As soon as she felt on her thighs his ribs failure, she had eased the pressure and let him free. After that encounter with Pamela, Greg's chest was given into a plaster for about 2 months. The pains he suffered in his chest for several weeks were severe physical pains. But every time he recalled that those pains are a consequence brought onto a man by a beautiful woman with superior physical strength, he felt very unique and became highly aroused. He wondered how many men can experience in their whole lives such severe physical pains caused by just a bare feminine physique. How many men can claim to experience such feminine cruelty in their lives ? However, even after his recovery, for about 6 months, he did not dare to come close to anything of the FBB world. Then again his passion for the female strength and muscularity started building up. He began again at his free time to make visits to the FBB gyms. But now he discovered another exciting thing related to the world of female muscularity and strength - the sessions for men held by those women. He had no courage to participate in any private session held by such women. But he definitely went and enjoyed watching the public sessions held by the various female bodybuilders and wrestlers.

Until he saw Magy, he never went more than once to any specific female sessions. But now it was the third time he came to see Magy at her public session. Magy is 36. She is a professional bodybuilder which at that time was at her off season lush shape and looked very attractive. She usually holds public wrestling sessions during the periods in between the FBB contests. She has long blonde hair which at her sessions she uses to tie all together in a big round bunch behind her head. She ties her long hair in front of her fans to show off her typical womanly last preparation for a fight, challenging their manly ego to come forward and defeat her. When she folds up the arms to tie her blonde hair, the huge muscles inside her thick, lush biceps demonstrate their presence by moving erratically up and down as her palms convert her smooth hair into a big tough sphere clinging to the back of her head. She comes to her sessions with nicely moderate make up, her lips decorated with fresh red lipstick and with a domestic although quite erotic attire of a long mini with tight short sleeves. Her mini exposes the lower part of her thick thighs and and the upper part of her breasts supported by the very muscular tissues of her chest, leaving for the observer's imagination to complete the entire picture of her physique as it is functioning under the satin cloth. The lovely scent of her expensive perfume takes over the entire space at her sessions. It seems like Magy knows very well her erotic appeal for the fans in her sessions and the important role of the womanly artificial scents in affecting the man's psychology at the different intersexual interactions in life. She looks very beautiful with her pretty face and the attractive, sensual, lush and very healthy physique. Her muscles concealed under her lush physique demonstrate their presence when she wrestles against her opponent at her sessions. Greg loved to watch the powerful stirring of Magy's body empowered by her well developed muscles as they peeked out from her white skin for a short period and then disappeared beneath the profuse fleshy substrate of her body, making him to want them seeing again and again. What charmed Greg very much with Magy were the graceful moves of her powerful body which brought out the different sections of her huge, soft looking muscles spread all over her body, their swift and vigorous operation and her skills to easily and elegantly subdue her male opponent. She always looked like not using the full capacity of her muscles, with the enormous strength stored among them, to badly hurt her opponent. Greg found it very appealing that Magy seems to highly enjoy every time she overwhelms her opponent with her physical strength, although she never had to overcome really any true resistance from her opponent. Magy like some other females at their public sessions, does semi-competitive wrestling, muscle worship, fun domination and so on with men but never a real full competitive wrestling with men. Because she doesn't want to spoil her reputation about her physical abilities due to any unexpected defeat to a man and also because usually men do not want to be seen publicly defeated by any woman in a real physical confrontation with her.

It is well known that Magy is not the sadistic type. She doesn't seem to enjoy causing pains to her opponents. She indeed enjoys wrestling and winning men. But Greg has noticed immediately how she takes care not to cause unnecessary pains or severe injuries to her opponents. Generally, the impression about her kind personality comes from the expressions on her face and from her big eyes with their gentle look. So her cautious behavior during what are supposed to be violent scenarios is perceived as typifying her natural soft character. But in his third visit at her sessions, Greg has made a more subtle observation about Magy's behavior during her wrestlings. Greg saw that as soon as she brought her opponent down to the ground and took the final critical grip of her opponent from which he couldn't get rid and actually his defeat was certain, for few seconds it looked like she has an instinctive urge to take it one step further - as if she desires to grant her opponent the final deadly crush with her hold. Later in that session, Greg noticed during those short periods of few seconds how Magy licks her lips while staring towards her defeated opponent. Greg found in this Magy's gesture a big turn on for him. He noticed how her entire physique becomes stiff at those moments and how each of her muscles protrude their detailed images even on that lush off season shape, through her smooth skin. Every time she did it, he became mesmerized onto her red lipstick decorated lips which started glittering as her saliva wetted them. Greg was aware he looks more attractive than most of the men there and wondered how would she treat him if he got caught by her in a public or a private wrestling domain. He felt that once her urges get unlocked, Magy has the potential to become lethally dangerous. The only question was, in what manner ?

As usual after about 5 hours, Magy's session was over. It was one more day of routine work for her. Little fun here and there. Some enjoyment of subduing men, but mostly many repeating routine scenarios. A regular characteristic game of roleplaying. She felt frustrated as usual after a day of full work. Also today she had just tasted a bit of the thrill and the pleasure of sensing a man's body collapsing under her strength. But for many days she felt it was just a tip of a huge iceberg. Magy knew she cannot really fulfill in these sessions some burning passion inside her to enjoy the ultimately high and thrilling real pleasure of subduing a sweet handsome man and abusing him wildly as demanded by her deep dark desires. She felt it is against her nature to carry out such a deed. She knew it is against the unwritten but most solid rules of feminine behavior. But still, she could not get rid of this burning desire to experience the entire iceberg. She had the physical capabilities and she desired for a man to force him against his will to surrender her strength, not just as a roleplaying. Magy wanted to wildly hunt a man and that hour she became eager to fulfill her passions........

All the people have left except few fans. Greg had came down to the arena level. He took a glass of cold water from the container nearby. Somebody has put it there to let the visitors to quench their thirst on that hot day. He recalled Magy's wet lips from the wrestling show and he pondered how her strength together with the subtle gestures with her red lips while her opponent is pinned down beneath her strong body, resembles her to a wild predatoress. He started drinking the water........

.........While her passions running wild, Magy saw Greg some 15 meters away pouring cold water into a plastic glass. He looked so tender and handsome to her. He was standing isolated. She stepped towards him. She came close about 5 meters from him when he started drinking the water. Magy stopped there. He looked so cute to her. No doubt no woman can disqualify him as an unattractive man, she thought. His shape was beautiful in her eyes. Magy saw he was little taller than her but definitely also weaker than her. Her passions were erupting. He was drinking the water, his neck stretched backward, his masculine hard and thick windpipe bursting itself out at the center of his throat and his so sweet looking Adam's Apple sliding up and down at the center of his throat. Magy's breaths heated up. She licked her lips. Now she had the opportunity to experience in reality what she has been fantasizing so long about abusing a handsome man. And then she made the decision. Magy decided to soothe her burning feminine passions by exploiting this irresistibly handsome and nicely shaped young man. She decided to quench the huge femininely erotic thirst of her muscular body by abusing this arousingly attractive and tender manly physique. She fantasized his body breaking apart under her physical strength. She fantasized his sweetly desperate struggle against her muscles and her physical stamina. She fantasized his inevitable exhaustion and finally his knees becoming weak and collapsing, taking his body down to the floor under the pressure of her strong muscles.

......... Greg finished the water in the glass and then he Saw magy standing few meters from him. She was ceaselessly licking her red lips. He got she was watching him drinking water and viewing his exposed throat. From this distance he found her much thicker and massive and also much more seductive. Her enormous voluptuousness gave her now the magical appeal of beauty, sensuality and danger. She had beautifully soft and extremely well proportionate thick neck. Her semi-naked breasts were glittering with remains of her sweat and her red lips were glittering after newly being covered with her fresh saliva. The bunch of her hair behind her head has lost its tidy round shape, with some of her hair falling down enhancing her wild appeal. From this close distance Greg could see clearly she was not looking at his face. Her eyes were fixed on his throat. Her mind was focused on his windpipe. Greg knew immediately that at this very moment his destiny is being molded in Magy's mind. Greg turned hard. The combination of smelling Magy's tempting perfume and watching her wet lips indicating her hunger for his throat weakened his knees and strengthened other organs. Somehow he was anticipating her attack. Unique pleasure due to his forthcoming surrender to a strong voluptuous female, spreaded in his body and occupied his mind. Suddenly she took few steps forward, caught Greg's hand and started dragging him away from the arena into her internal domain. Greg tried resisting, but his struggle was hopeless against her strength. He recalled Magy's hungry gaze onto his throat and the licking of her lips. Instantly he realized she is dragging him to his death.

After being forcefully dragged into Magy's domain, Greg was lying under Magy's warm iron body submitted to her enormous strength, helplessly gasping after the exhausting struggle. She held him tightly pinned down on his back. Her hard belly squeezed against Greg's belly sensed it moving heavily up and down. She gloated on Greg's Adam's Apple in his throat moving up and down. His arms were gone out of order after Magy's mighty hands making use of the incredible strength in their biceps, have twisted them holding his wrists, almost until his arms were dismantled out of his shoulders. Greg looked so heartbreakingly sweet and helpless to her. He was so exhausted and weak. His such cute look, mental helplessness and sweet bodily weakness created flood of erotic passions in her mind. And his delicious looking sweaty throat made her hungry. The sight of this sweet handsome male laid in front of her provoked her femininely predatoric instincts. She desired to actually hunt this stranger guy. His throat was so inviting and his thick, hard, masculine windpipe looked so vulnerable. Her mouth became moist. Also Magy was quite exhausted and it was evident when the deep ditch between her semi-naked breasts could be repeatedly seen expanding and contracting. Greg could smell the vapors of Magy's sweat rising from the dark valley between her breasts. He felt like sucking that warm liquid gathered down there. He wanted to know the true taste of the feminine strength. He wanted to know the real taste of the feminine muscular activity, when her muscles carry out their task so vigorously for their owner's passionate enjoyment and not just showing off posing for pictures or working dully in the boring gym. He wanted to know how does the pure essence of feminine physical power, drained into that warm female body liquid, taste. He could see her starting to lick her lips again.

Then Magy rose up from her lying position on Greg's body and sat on his chest. After relaxing for couple of minutes but while Greg still lying squeezed under her without being able to move, Magy started caressing his throat all over with her fingers. After few seconds her fingers gripped Greg's windpipe and start squeezing it. She could sense the inner fabrics of Greg's throat. She sensed his Adam's Apple moving between her fingers. She found it fascinating. She loved the inner hardness of the man's throat . Now she found it such a sweet toughness with all the pulses of life pulsing among those gorgeous little bones. She began imagining how marvelous it will be to squeeze the life out of them by crushing them between her teeth. She found Greg's throat as an open invitation for her lethal feminine bite. Magy imagined how sweet it will be to contain the desperate struggle for his life of this handsome man with her powerful muscles while her teeth deforming the hard but the very delicate and the very critical substance of a man's sweet life. Actually sensing so closely on her soft but muscular body his desperate struggle while taking his life, is the climax of the whole domination act. It is the true and pure pleasure which is absent in the various sessions. It is the enjoyment of overcoming a man's struggle against the physical strength accumulated in her powerful physique. It is the enjoyment of using her own strength to restrain his efforts, making him helpless to the extent that she can fully concentrate in sensing the every little step her teeth take into his throat crushing all what is standing in front of them. It is the enjoyment of sensing how his struggle gradually weakens as her teeth devastate the inner fabrics of his throat. How arousing Magy found it even just to imagine that she is going to do all this. How lucky she is as a woman, she thought to herself, to have so much physical strength which gives her the opportunity to enjoy so much unlike any average woman ever can. But Magy felt sorry she can crush such graceful and sweet throat only once. She felt sorry she could watch only once such handsome face expressing man's hopeless situation under feminine superior physical strength. She felt sorry she could fulfill her passions so delightfully with such a handsome male look, only once. Magy felt sorry she could take such handsome life only once.

Greg saw Magy giving a deep moan of enjoyment and licking her lips. It was evident her mouth has became highly moist. It was clear to Greg what Magy desired doing with him. He could almost read her thoughts. He could see her white, clean and glittering wet teeth and know they are the weapon Magy is going to use to passionately take his life and enjoy it so much. He could feel their eager anticipation to carry out their vicious task. They have received all the information from her caressing fingers and now they were waiting for her command. Greg was thrilled and excited from the feminine cruelty and passions. He was highly turned on by watching Magy's lust to prey him. He could read Magy's thoughts and the overflowing feminine erotic and lethal desires to enjoy his bodily surrender to her body due to its superior physical strength. He became highly aroused . He couldn't wait to sense Magy's teeth touching his throat. Greg craved for it. But he felt sorry he can enjoy the thrilling ultimate surrender to the right woman only once. He felt sorry he will not be there to know whether the typical feminine guilty feelings, usually coming after hurting a man, will occupy Magy's mind as soon as her passion are withdrawn. Those feelings which are so universally typical characteristics of the femininity. Those feelings which finally make the woman in so many cases regret her aggressiveness and start weeping. Greg felt sorry he can enjoy the intoxicating smell of Magy's mouth breath only once. The smell of ordinary feminine breath combined with the predatoric feminine passion for devouring a man.

Greg knew his time has come when he saw Magy's tongue taking a deep, long lick of her teeth. He saw how with both of her hands Magy unties her blonde hair behind her head and let it run down free on her massive shoulders. Greg got it's now time for Magy to have a fun. No formal displays of her muscles in front of contest viewers. No artificial smile on the face while being tensed in the heart, like in the competitions of female muscularity. No overplay with her muscles to impress her fans at the sessions. Now it was time to let her hair free as all the women do in their mood of outgoing freedom and enjoyment. Now it was time to go after the true desires of her heart and not after practical considerations of mind. Magy's mind was now free of concern about how to win a contest or how to display her muscular physique in front of a photographer's camera. Now it was time to be womanly cruel and not to be womanly nice. For Magy, now it was time for real enjoyment.

Greg knew it is the last time he sees the female swollen biceps when Magy's hands untie the hair from the back of her head. He watched the huge flexed muscles contained in Magy's biceps which were responsible for dismantling his both arms, dancing their vigorous dance as her fingers untied energetically the knots of her hair. Greg got idea about the immense strength contained in Magy's neck when she shakes it vigorously to drive away the released hair from her face. Then he sensed Magy's left hand's fingers finding their way between the floor and the back of his head. She gripped Greg's hair and pulled his head back to widely expose his throat for her final attack. Magy could see Greg's thick, hard windpipe fully protruding in front of his throat, provoking her salivary glands. She became aroused to see man's such sweet, solid and vital hardness, openly inviting her teeth to tear it apart. While holding Greg's hair and keeping his head pulled backward, she brought herself down to a lying position on his body. Then Greg saw Magy's thick neck bending forward. As her mouth approached his throat, Greg could smell the intoxicating scent of Magy's mouth. He sensed her warm mouth breath on his throat. He loved so much the lovely smell of Magy's mouth. He most liked it as the smell of his forthcoming death. Magy could see it in Greg's eyes and in the deep inhalings he took. She loved that. She paused there, exhaling her warm, sweet mouth breath onto Greg's nose. The smell of Magy's mouth was overwhelming, particularly when it was mixed with the smell of her expensive perfume. Greg loved this combination of the erotic smell of Magy's perfume and her predatoric passions smell coming from her mouth. The scent was highly tempting for the man and he couldn't resist of becoming extremely hard. He wondered whether he is the first man in the world who is exploring the smell of the feminine predatoric passions. Or perhaps there were many like him before who enjoyed this experience but nobody of them survived to tell it. Exactly like he himself who is seeming now as going to be compelled to keep this secret with him forever.

Just before Magy's face disappeared from his sight on its way deep down into his throat, the last thing Greg sees is Magy closing her eyes in anticipation for an extreme pleasure. Now after she had enjoyed watching a handsome face of a man all along, from her first glance toward him, through his hopeless struggle against her strength, till his unconditional surrender, there was nothing more to enjoy in watching his face and his sweet figure. Now there remained only the highest thrilling enjoyment of sensing directly his body against hers, as he squirms and struggles while he losing his life under the soft touch of her lips and the deadly crushing bite of her teeth. She wondered whether her bite will cause his death due to suffocation or due to lethal damage to some vital mechanism inside Greg's throat.

And then........ Greg sensed the soft, wet touch of Magy's lips on his windpipe. Magy sensed a brief but strong shiver passing through Greg's body. His reaction was like a virgin being touched erotically for the first time. She thought she might be the first and certainly the last woman ever whose mouth is touching Greg's throat. Magy's lips touch was so soft and pleasant that he wished Magy would pause there. He desired to fully sense the incredible contradiction between this tender touch and the following hard, merciless touch of Magy's teeth. Can this extreme contradiction belong to the same one person ?? He was puzzled if such a sweet mouth can carry out such a lethal verdict until the end. But now Magy was eager. Sensing her victim's throat under the lips has made Magy incredibly passionate. Greg could sense Magy's passions in her breasts as they became hard. Magy wouldn't stop there. And then.................. Greg sensed the touch of softness replaced by a hard contact on his throat. Greg felt the grip of Magy's teeth taking its place around his thick, hard windpipe and got a goose skin. He sensed Magy's teeth searching the right place to find the proper hold. For him this was the sign for their forthcoming lethal task as she have commanded them to do. They wanted to hold their target until they deform it as much as they can under their lethal pressure. Magy's sweet saliva started covering Greg's throat. The sweet smell of her saliva entered his nose. While wondering about the contradiction between this feminine sweetness and her deadly cruelty, Greg sensed the increasing pressure of Magy's teeth starts twisting his windpipe. Given into ecstasy of erotic enjoyment and tremendous fear, he felt the intensifying sharp pain at the core of his throat until it became unbearable. Greg squirmed desperately to get rid of the deadly grip and to have a bit of fresh air. But the trap he given into was extremely firm and powerful. He could sense now the high strength of Magy's neck which was most powerfully bending his neck back to its full extent in order to allow her teeth to thrust as much as they can deep into Greg's throat. Greg could sense Magy's the enormous physical strength restraining his desperate efforts and keeping them under her full control. Greg sensed Magy's stiffened muscles. He felt Magy's hardened mind. Now, there was no place in Magy's heart to have mercy for her prey. There was no place for the feminine gentleness. Her mind was full of huge erotic lust and predatoric passions for the hunt of a sweet, attractive man. Her mind wanted Greg's life. It was looking for his life. It has found his life. It knew the way to take his life. Her mind had decided she WILL take his life. Greg's life was the toy for the play of Magy's desires. Her room was the playground. That was the unnegotiable decision of her mind. Greg felt he has no hope. He had no chance to survive. He had no other choice but to surrender Magy's will.

The pain in Greg's throat continued to increase as Magy's teeth continued to deform his windpipe. She sensed something starts cracking down deep in Greg's throat. But still, in what seemed to be his last moments, Greg managed to sense one of Magy's heavy and thick thighs trying to thrust itself as much as it can, deep between his legs. He knew Magy was not aware of it. But for him it was a clear indication for the hugeness of Magy's passions to dig with her teeth into the deepest core of his throat. And for that Magy was recruiting the whole powerful body of her, extracting from it the very last drop of her physical strength. It seemed as if she was actually trying to assimilate Greg's body with hers and her thigh seemed as trying to force itself into his body. Greg found the touch of Magy's heavy and massive thigh with the manly delicate organs between his legs, extremely pleasurable although quite painful. It made him forget a little bit the sharp deadly pain of Magy's bite on his throat. Like before, when smelling together her perfume and her breath, also now he was experiencing the combination of the erotic pain her thigh was giving him and the predatoric pain her mouth was creating. He was suffering the physical pains but enjoying the tremendous mental pleasure of sensing the touch of the typically feminine delicate and smooth skin and the hard muscles under it. At his last moments, he could sense the powerful activity of the muscles inside her belly, shoulders and triceps, doing their work to contain his struggle for life.

The both pains - deep in his throat and between his legs go on increasing until his throat surrenders to Magy's teeth. It cracks down and then, suddenly, ........ everything became dark and senseless for Greg.

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