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We are doing the utmost to keep our web site according to our internal guide lines and we consider these guide lines decent and acceptable. We are strict when accepting links for the categories of our Links Resource. Amongst other, we do not allow child abuse, hatred or discrimination. We may link to some adult sites, in which case we check for appropriate warnings on that site's entry page. What is considered offensive or intolerable may differ per culture. Please be aware that the staff of this web site is European, where they may have a more liberal view towards things like artistic or natural forms of nudity and erotic portrayal.

We do not support mass or three-way linking. We link to sites in the field of female muscle and also to sites which have a serious and exclusive link to us, providing these sites are acceptable. We do not respond to automated link requests. It is our idea that a site has to be ranked because of its contents, not because of its efforts to have a high ranking. We feel no need to be ranked in searches that have nothing to do with the contents of our site. Lastly, we think that sites who have a serious link to us should not be hidden amongst links of sites that have no intention to promote our site but just try to mislead search engines.

Despite all our efforts, we cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences whatsoever of our web site, including but not limited to any supposed damage. This web site is our artistic property, published for your pleasure. We cannot be obliged to add or update any data in any way, though we might do so if we agree this is proper or forced by law. As a portal, we link to several sites and though we will remove sites found to have deviated from our guide lines, we do not have any influence on the contents of these sites and cannot be accounted for objections or any other issues that might raise concerning these sites. We preserve the right to remove links without notice.

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