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Soft Flesh, Hard Thighs

A story by Mark about feminine physical strength

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

Soft Flesh, Hard Thighs

Greg is a handsome man with a nice fit physique. He is 27. He works as a computer programmer and feels happy with what he is doing. He has no big ambitions for making a career. At his free time he takes interest in reading, playing basketball, listening to music, surfing the web and running intelligent discussions in various topics with other people, particularly with his girlfriend who has been with him for the last 3 years. Usually he use to meet her on weekends and holidays having both very good time. Being quite good looking, intelligent with friendly character and having steady job with a nice income, many girls try to initiate intimate relationship with Greg and sometimes even seducing him to desert his girlfriend or just to have a one-night-sex with them. But he is never tempted to do that, not even betraying his girl for one night.

However, there is one personal secret he keeps away from his girlfriend. Since his mid-teenage, few years after he first became aware of his sexual attraction to women, he began finding out that as the woman he sees is physically healthier, she is more appealing and erotically more provoking for him. First he tried to ignore these feelings and later even fought very hard for totally abolishing them because he thought this is an indication for his homosexual tendencies. But in a long term all his efforts were in vain. He couldn't get rid of his attraction to women who looked, even naturally, stronger than usual. But as the time passed by and he grew up, he stopped fighting these feelings of attraction and even started enjoying them. He began exploring this side of him, finding it to be a one more intriguing and enjoying dimension of the male-female mutual attraction. While at the high school, he started coming to watch girls playing games, particularly his favorite game, the basketball. But there, he did not use to take much interest in the game itself but rather he used to watch how the girls move during their game and mainly to watch their muscles activity. Once he sat down as a spectator, within few minutes he used to choose the 2-3 most muscular girls in the game and watched only them the whole game. He always found it magical, fascinating and arousing to watch the vigorous activity of the young feminine muscles. However, he was also aware of the fact that this feminine physical strength was inferior compared to the average masculine strength including his own. He went on doing this also during his studies at the college. But in those days he also discovered on the web the rich and flourishing world of female bodybuilding, wrestling and the muscular fitness. That time he first discovered those women who are much stronger than him and their much more superior physical abilities than the average man's and even more. Gradually, he developed a new habit in which at his free time he started going to gyms in his city - not for developing his own physique, but for watching females developing their own. There he revealed that there are roughly two kinds of females in whatever related to their reactions for spectators watching their physical activity. The first includes those women who are rather shy and become embarrassed when they see a stranger is watching their attractive strong physiques and their physiques' powerful activity. The second kind includes those women who find it exciting when people watch them doing their exercises. Those women are flattered when they see the impact of their physical look as shaped after their prolonged hard work, on the people's attention. He noticed that those women, seeing the people's admiration and attraction to their physiques, spontaneously increase the rate of their drills while staring towards their spectators or just smiling with satisfaction.

Greg is very prudent not to cause any embarrassment to the shy females just for his own enjoyment. He uses to watch only those females of the second kind. He gets concentrated each time on a certain bodybuilder and to watch her a long time. While watching their attractive look and the impressive physical strength, either really in the gym or their pictures on the web, he feels like surrendering to them physically. He uses to wonder how long his own strength could withstand the assault of such a woman's immensely strong muscles until it is shattered apart leading to his inevitable submission to her power. He gets puzzled whether then he will enjoy the pleasure of being crushed by the strength of the hard muscles composing the female's body and the sensation of watching the satisfaction of her deeply situated feminine passions, or perhaps he will have to suffer the pains of a vicious domination leading him into the unknown destiny of tortures as a male victim of female desires.

One weekend, Greg could not meet his girlfriend as usual. She was too busy in studying for the upcoming exam for a new post at her work. That day Greg went alone to the downtown to pass the time. He saw a movie in the morning show and then ate some fast food. Afterwards he started wandering in the sunny streets of the downtown until suddenly he saw a small board declaring an entrance to a gym which he had never came across before. He went inside. It was quite a small gym, in which just few could exercise at the same time. Now there was only one female bodybuilder doing her exercises alone. She looked as one being at her off season shape. She had very attractive look on her face as well as marvelously attractive physique. She had shiny black hair, cut short, reaching half the way down to her shoulders behind her neck, leaving the lower part of her thick neck exposed. The black color of her hair created a marvelously beautiful contrast with her very bright smooth skin. Quite surprisingly, her hair design was perfectly neat and tidy, a kind of that which can be seen on the participants of the FBB contests, a far more perfect than Greg had ever seen in the gyms. Her body was bulky but very nicely shaped, quite soft with somewhat moderately defined muscles. But at the same time the very big size of the muscles dwelling within the bulks of her soft flesh, their hardness and their high strength were quite apparent. She had quite soft but very thick shoulders and the same could be said about her arms with their lush but quite hard biceps and triceps, and her extraordinarily huge, massive thighs. With all this, her bodily and facial appearance was very feminine giving her most lovely appeal of beauty, sensuality, voluptuousness and strength. She was working alone vigorously, concentrated in building the unconquerable appeal of muscles & beauty on her feminine body, seemingly for some forthcoming contest of female strength and muscularity. Greg sat there watching the mesmerizing, powerful flexing and stretching of her muscles. He desired to touch this very rare-to-be-found combination of feminine physical strength and softness, and to feel how real is her strength or perhaps just a beautiful illusion of strength and hardness deceitfully showcasing themselves on this very attractive feminine body. He stepped forward and came little nearer to her. He could smell now the mixture of her sweat and perfume. He did not dare to touch her but dared to approach even nearer until he could smell the intoxicating scent of her heavy & energetic breaths. It was the first time Greg stood so close to a female bodybuilder who was carrying out her heavy work and actually tasted from such a close distance the very process of building the feminine strength which he liked so much. He began to feel that so much energy released from a body burning calories and converting into power, cannot build a mere illusion on that same body. These muscles must be a storehouse of huge quantities of strength, capable of performing extremely vigorous activities. They seem to possess the ability to bend almost anything to their will if only the mind controlling those muscles wish to do it. An unexplained feeling of danger started crawling into Greg's mind. He wanted to retreat but the intoxicating smell of her heavy breaths directly related to the hard work of her muscles, made him highly aroused. He remained stuck there. He began craving to nibble at least one of the lumps of her muscles to test their hardness. Particularly those sculpted on her belly or the big ones on her stretched triceps or those swollen on the flexed biceps. But no doubt this was a task beyond the scope of Greg's present life. Besides, Greg has always liked to fantasize how a strong female catches him, brings him down, and tears him apart using her strength. But like most of the men, he had no courage to fulfill his fantasy due to his fear of the feminine brutality and the pains he imagined such a woman can cause. Suddenly Greg noticed she was aware of his presence and stared at his face.

After standing there quite a long time he turned back to leave. Being few steps away from her, he heard from his back her steps rushing towards him. She grabbed his right hand and started dragging him back. He resisted spontaneously because of the unexpected surprise. Immediately she twisted his arm and bent it behind his back, embraced his body from behind with her left arm and started dragging him backward without him being able to withstand her superior strength in spite of his best efforts. He became thrilled and stimulated when he sensed the hardened muscles in her belly rubbing his back. The enormous strength stored within them enabled her to drag him so easily. "You will wait here until I finish", she said. "Why?", he asked. "Because I want to use my strength to make you succumb to me", she said smiling and most naturally. "Why me?", he asked while watching her hardened biceps peeking out from beneath the profuse soft flesh of her thick arms. "Because I find you most handsome man with a smiley face and with a fit & healthy slender physique. I desire to torture you and to watch your sufferings expressed on your handsome face and to sense such a sweet body of yours breaking down under my squeeze. I desire to play with you and to sense your desperate and hopeless struggle. I want to enjoy the sensation when a man's squirming body with its rough skin struggles against my hard muscles and rub my smooth, delicate skin. You have no choice but to wait here because I am stronger than you and you have not the slightest chance for running away, so you better stop fighting now. Your destiny is now in my hands." To demonstrate her control, she increased the pressure on Greg's twisted arm behind his back, bent his neck backward and gave a deep kiss on his throat and then bit it hard making him breathless. In spite of the pain and his struggle, he found her bite highly sensual, exciting and enormously thrilling. He sensed the ability of her powerful neck to keep his neck bent backward or even to break it if she just wished doing it. Being ran out of his energy he gave up any further struggle and admitted his surrender. She let him free and he sat down there watching her going on working even more energetically than before. He knew exactly what encourages now this increased rate of her hard work. He asked how she is going to do it to him. "Using my powerful legs", she replied again nonchalantly. "Have you done anything like this before ?" He asked. "Yes, quite a few times", she replied. "Men like you attracted by feminine strength fall into the trap of my gym. Those who approach close enough and which I find attractive like you, I capture and they become my victims." He could notice that recalling her past experiences makes her aroused because she started licking her lips. He became stimulated and then suddenly revealed the secret of why so many men are attracted to muscular females. It is their curiosity and the latent deep desire to practically sense the ability of feminine hard muscles to subdue the man physically. It is the contradiction between the feminine mental tenderness and the physical hardness combined in one person which makes it so passionately attractive, charming and thrilling for men. It is the contradiction between the warmth and safety men feel due to the outwardly projected feminine physical sensuality and mental tenderness which make her so erotically seductive, and the obvious practical capability of a strong female to endanger their lives - a perfect expression of the close relationship between eroticism and death. He watched with utmost attention her soft but muscular legs trying to imagine their enormous strength. He was curious to know her feelings as they were running in her mind and wondered if the feminine mercy will eventually arise seeing his panic and pains. "What's your name", he asked. "Pamela", she replied swiftly.

Finally Pamela finished and lie down on her back for a rest. Greg recalled his initial desire to touch the feminine strength and asked to give a massage to her massive thighs. She gave him the permission and he started to carry it out. Actually he began with her shoulders, arms and neck. He desired to touch the muscles in her shoulders, in the arms, the neck and to sense their hidden strength which just short time ago was capable so easily to twist his arm and to bend his neck. As she was lying straight on her back, he could watch closely her neck while massaging it. He found it most attractive for being such thick but soft and with such a high strength accumulated within it as he has experienced just short ago. In spite of his heavy hesitations and the concern from her reaction, he couldn't refrain from kissing her throat and then lightly biting it. She reacted with a brief shiver and then a prolonged smile. It seemed like Pamela was fully aware of the appeal of her physique, its look and its strength for men and apparently she enjoyed it so much. After few minutes he began with her thighs which attracted him so much as his forthcoming traps. This fact made him very curious to study them. The huge size of her thighs and the incredible amount of muscles inside them required a very hard work to give a proper massage. He worked for almost a hour with unprecedented efforts and pleasure. The muscles in her thighs were now loose and soft, and the thighs' skin was smooth and white as that of a teenage girl. But he was aware that the power hidden under this skin is overwhelmingly superior than anything he knew before. He could not stop pondering how this loose, relaxed and so femininely soft bulk of flesh can turn within fractions of a second into a solid iron-like substance, capable of crushing down almost anything. He admired these heavy thighs' finely structured shape imagining the arrays of muscles lying inside, arranged one upon another. He found those extremely thick thighs as a classical example for how strength, aesthetics, erotic sensuality and beauty, each one of them at its highest quality, can be combined into a single physical domain. This fresh realization which was related with physical assets, together with his former understanding about the reasons for men's psychological attraction to physically strong women, actually gave him the answer for the increasing popularity of the female fitness and bodybuilding industry. Men cannot forever avoid their deeply situated erotic attraction to the feminine physical strength. They can fulfill their latent desire for experiencing the ultimate surrender to female domination - a real surrender and not just a role playing - with females who possess such high strength. All these thoughts passing in Greg's mind made him tremendously eager to sense Pamela's physique in its dominating role. He could not wait to see Pamela's massive thighs transforming from a relaxed, loose, hazardless flesh into an extremely hard and powerful substance. He desired to experience their capability of causing pains and injuries knowing what did all this mean for him. Equally as well he was eager to see the feminine cruelty in action. He was eager to watch this woman lying now with a sweet and pleasant expression on her face turns quickly into a ruthless figure exploiting a man for fulfilling her own body's passionate demands for feminine pleasures. He wondered if he or any other person could ever imagine if they came across with Pamela in a street that the same woman has such a potential to become cruel. He recalled all the FBB contest pictures he saw on the web where the female contestants look so kind and sweet with their angelic smiles aimed for winning the contests. He wondered how many of them would be capable of doing things as Pamela is going to do him or how many of the average, decent women like those he knows at his work, fantasize themselves torturing handsome men but cannot ever fulfill their fantasies, just because they lack Pamela's strength. At the same time, some minor thoughts also came across Greg's mind like how much efforts Pamela has to invest each time she takes a bath, to wash such huge surface area of her massive thighs. He asked Pamela to harden her left thigh and she responded. He grabbed the upper part of her thigh and tried to squeeze it with his fingers. He felt like he is squeezing a hard bulk of iron. Excited and terrified he gave up.

Then suddenly Pamela stretched her left hand forward exposing fully her solid triceps, took a firm hold of Greg's neck and with her right hand pulled him down with his T-shirt while twisting his neck down. As Greg's body dropped on her left thigh, Pamela raised her right one and swiftly & elegantly locked it on his body. Greg felt the heavy weight of Pamela's leg on his ribs. But he also sensed how elegantly and softly she had laid her leg onto his body without causing him pains (yet). She started hardening her both thighs as they surrounded Greg's body. He sensed the increasing pressure on his ribs together with the increasing hardness of both of Pamela's thighs. What he had imagined and sensed with his hand just seconds ago was nothing compared to what he experienced now. The power squeezing him now was far higher than anything he could imagine. As her hold became tight enough, Pamela stopped increasing the pressure of her thighs. Also the tight grip of her hand on Greg's neck became loose. Greg started struggling to make Pamela's thighs' hold loose by swinging his body from one side to another, by trying to roll over between her tightly fixed thighs and by trying to open her thighs with his hands. But all this was in vain. He could see her thighs' white skin becoming reddish and the huge bulks of the soft flesh converted into stiff rock hard arrays of muscles making her thighs like solid iron bars. The lock he given into was far beyond the power of any human being. Actually it was like being locked between thick iron bars compressed toward each other by hydraulic cylinders. He tried to make her to loose her thighs' grip by punching on her belly. But Pamela has stiffen her belly and Greg felt the bricks of her stiffen belly muscles hurting his fists as he hit them. After watching so many pictures of feminine muscularity which have provoked his imagination about the female strength, Greg was experiencing that day in reality the actual power contained in the massive feminine muscles of biceps, triceps, thighs, belly, neck and their deadly capability. Greg was seeing and sensing them in actual work and not just watching visually their beautiful structure as depicted in the web pictures. It was a direct physical confrontation between male and female strengths in which there was a clear victory for the pure female strength without the female having the need to use punches or anyone of the typically feminine weapons like nails, bitings, hitting the man on his weak points........ etc. Greg's struggle went on for several minutes until he could not continue anymore. He gave up and waited for Pamela's next step. Pamela rolled over her body to the other side while lifting Greg's body and landing softly with his body stilled firmly held between her thighs on the other side. She demonstrated the incredible amounts of power accumulated inside her belly and thighs. Then Greg sensed again the pressure around his body increasing with the increasing hardness of Pamela's thighs and reaching levels he couldn't bear the pains. Wondering what he is going to lose first - his ribs or his consciousness, and desiring to watch the pleasure and satisfaction on Pamela's face, Greg lost his consciousness............


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