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Transferred - One Year Later

A story by Dreamspinner about muscular woman romance

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

Transferred - One Year Later

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Dave was laying on his couch watching TV, his eyes drooping, when his phone rang. He picked up the receiver. "Hello?"
"Hi, Sweetheart." Dave's heart skipped a beat. It was his neighbor, Joyce Martinez. They had been lovers for a year, but the once anxiety-ridden, muscle-tortured salesman still came undone whenever he heard her smoky voice. "Are you busy?" she asked, making his heart skip another beat.
"No…just laying here watching the Evening News", he answered. "What's up?"
"Well…" she began, in her most enticing tones, "I thought I'd relax in my whirlpool…" she continued, her voice dripping honeyed sexuality, "…and, since it's such a warm evening, I thought I'd leave my bathroom window open so you could watch. Does that sound better than the news?"
"When?" Dave asked, his dick beginning to harden.
"Now", was her one-word answer. Then she hung up.

Dave bounded off the couch. He silently thanked whoever designed his house for building it ten feet from his neighbor's, and for putting their bathrooms directly across from each other. He raced into his, tearing off his clothes as he went. By the time he got to the window, he was naked, his dick as stiff as a pole. He turned off the light, grabbed a tube of KY, threw open the sash and waited.
Dave peered into Joyce's darkened bathroom, his heart pounding. A match suddenly burst into flame. He could see the woman light a candle and place it on the narrow glass shelf above the lavatory. She blew out the match, turned, and stared into Dave's darkened Dave's bathroom, knowing he was watching her.
The Indian really has a flair for the dramatic, Dave thought. Joyce Martinez had intentionally positioned herself between the light of the flickering candle and her admirer. She undid her old terrycloth bathrobe and let it fall to the floor. Dave's jaw dropped at the sight of her muscular silhouette.
He unscrewed the cap on his tube of KY, his eyes tracing the outline of her thick trapezius, her coconut-sized deltoids, and her powerful arms that had held him so many times. Then it occurred to him: This woman had transformed him. You have healed me, my sweet lover, Dave thought to himself. You, my half-Indian queen of the desert, have cured me. I am no longer tortured. I am free, to look at muscles and to actually talk with you about how much I like them and to feel yours without guilt. I am so grateful.

A sudden movement in his neighbor's bathroom interrupted Dave's reverie. His half-Indian "queen of the desert" was flexing her elbow, watching her expanding biceps stretch her softly wrinkled skin. She flexed again, and three more times, captivated by the sight of her swelling muscle. Now she's caressing it, just like I do. She's squeezing it…feeling how hard it is. Dave knew she was turned on-and so was he.
All at once, Joyce stopped. She turned away from the window and opened the medicine cabinet, took out a tube of lipstick and wrote "Come over NOW!" on the mirror. Dave dropped his tube of KY, climbed out his window, grabbed her bathroom windowsill and pulled himself inside, his stiff dick leading the way.
Joyce laughed. The woman wrestled him to the floor. Sliding her hands under his buttocks, she easily curled him into her mouth. Dave reached down and squeezed her rock-hard biceps. Suddenly he felt as if electricity were passing through his body. "Joyce, honey, I'm gonna go!"
"Not yet, Sweetheart", she said. She rose to her feet, reached down and pulled him to his feet. "Let's get in the whirlpool," she said, stroking his hardon and smiling seductively. Dave's head was swimming and he felt as if he were about to faint. He closed the lid of the toilet and sat down. His lover turned around and turned on the water. The salesman marveled at her buttocks. They were as shapely and as protuberant as those of a youngster. He licked his middle finger and pushed it in Joyce's asshole. She moaned with pleasure, arching her muscular back, moving her ass back and forth, driving Dave's finger deep inside her. "Wait!" she commanded. In what seemed like one swift movement, she turned around, pulled him to his feet and led the salesman into the steaming water. Before he knew it, she was beside him, grabbing his stiffness, kissing him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

"I want to fuck you tonight, Dave", she said. Dave could only nod-her words were not a simple statement of desire, they were a lover's order…one Dave would gladly obey. He sat down, chest-deep in the steaming water, heart pounding with excitement. Joyce found her double-ended, strap-on latex dildo in the basket she had on the edge of her tub. The salesman watched, fascinated, as she fastened it around her powerful waist. She gasped when the other end slipped into her pussy.
"It looks wonderful on you, honey", Dave said, smiling up at the muscular woman. "Look at you…my 'Queen of the Desert'. You look like a warrior. And look at this", he continued, grabbing her dildo. "Come here, let me suck it…let's pretend it's real", he said, taking her hand, pulling her to him. He took it in his mouth. This is so exciting! How good it feels to be sucking her! It's like we've switched places...she's me and I'm her. What sweet confusion! Dave felt her powerful buttocks flex as she drove her dildo into his willing mouth. He slipped his finger in her asshole again, and felt her sphincter tighten with pleasure. He heard her moan. Dave pulled his head back, looked up at his lover, and asked, "Are you ready to fuck me now?" He could see her chest heaving. He knew she was about to come already, pretending to have a penis, having it sucked by her lover, a finger up her asshole. "I'm ready, honey", whispered the once muscle-tortured salesman. He turned around and got on all fours in the steaming hot water. "Fuck me, Joyce, fuck me like there's no tomorrow!" He gasped.

The woman got on her knees, smeared some KY between Dave's buttocks, wrapped her powerful arms around his waist, and gently pushed her priapus in his asshole. She laid her head next to Dave's ear. "Do you like this?" she whispered, beginning to thrust her hips back and forth. Dave could only nod. Waves of pleasure coursing through his body made it impossible to speak. "I'm not hurting you, am I, my sweet man?" she asked.
He shook his head back and forth. "No", he squeaked. "Jack me off…please!" he begged.
Joyce found her lover's hardon. She wrapped her fingers around it, sliding her hand back and forth along its length, slowly at first, then faster, and then faster still. Her free arm tightened around Dave's waist. He could feel its biceps bulging against his side as she heaved herself against his backside with all her might. Dave suddenly felt the woman shudder. She held her breath. Then she screamed, "I'm coming, my darling! God damn! Oh, God, Dave, you are so wonderful to let me do this!"
Dave hardly heard her. What had begun as mere waves of pleasure had grown into towering swells that were sweeping him into another dimension. He felt as if his loins were gushing red-hot lava. Flashing white lights filled his field of vision.

The two lovers lay in the woman's bed. Joyce's head rested on the salesman's shoulder. "Dave?" she whispered.
"I want to tell you something before we go to sleep."
"I'm listening, Sweetheart."
She rose up on one elbow and stroked her lover's face, her sky-blue eyes moist with emotion. "I've never experienced anything like what happened tonight. It was as if we were temporarily each other, and then we switched back to being ourselves. And at times, I felt like the boundaries between us disappeared…it was like we were the same person with both sets of parts. I feel like I've been to Heaven and come back alive, Dave." She laid her head back on Dave's shoulder. He waited; wanting to be sure she was finished before he responded. "Do you know what I mean?" she asked. That was his cue.
"Yes", he said softly, stroking her hair. "When I was sucking your dildo, I remember thinking, 'What sweet confusion'…yes, Sweetheart, I do know what you mean, and I, too, feel like I've been to Heaven and come back alive."