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Jessica, my friend and mentor

A fictional story about a strong amazon by Alan Solomon

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

Jessica, my friend and mentor

A fictional story that may well become fact in the not-too-distant future.
(From the files of GCSW – Global Community of Strong Women).

My name is Marian and this is my story.

I am a 15-year-old schoolgirl living with my mother and step-father in Port Jefferson, a charming little town on Long Island. My mother and I are very close and my step-father is generally a decent sort of guy – except when he’s had a few drinks too many. Then the ugly, abusive side of his character emerges – like an angry, violent Mr. Hyde to his more usual, easy-going Dr. Jekyll personality. He’s a large man, at least six inches taller and seventy pounds heavier than my mom. But that doesn’t stop him from physically abusing her when he’s drunk. I won’t go into the sordid details. Suffice it to say that even though he’s never struck me, (Mom said if he ever did hit me she’d divorce him on the spot), he regularly uses his fists on her, and she suffers his abuse because she does love him and he always shows remorse for his violent behavior, when he sobers up. Words can’t express my feelings of helpless anger and sadness over his unforgivable actions, yet my mother forgives it all – which drives me crazy.

This is where Jessica comes into the picture.

There is a world-wide organization called the “Global Community of Strong Women” or GCSW for short. Its international membership consists of some of the world’s strongest women – weightlifters, martial artists, wrestlers, body-builders and just plain, ‘ordinary’ housewives who happen to be twice as strong as their husbands. There are also athletic high-school seniors and college girls, including cheerleaders and gymnasts, who are all taller, stronger and more muscular than most of their male fellow students.

GCSW came into being about five years ago. It was the brain-child of a seventy-year-old, semi-retired ex-professor of social history, who had a ‘thing’ for strong women. He believed that society took a wrong turn six thousand years ago when religions became patriarchal and exclusively male-dominated. Women were down-graded to inferior status, branded as “the weaker sex” and bullied into submissiveness by the generally-larger males. They were treated like possessions; slaves of their fathers and husbands; subordinate even to their younger brothers; and totally without rights as citizens. Their role in life was to gratify their husbands sexually and provide them with healthy sons. Because women were physically powerless to stand up for themselves, they accepted their lot, and unbridled male aggression ran rampant, causing endless wars, killing, destroying, raping and generally making an unholy mess of the world. If it weren’t for the presence of men who were sensitive to their feminine side – who gave the world music, art, philosophy, science and literature – humanity would have been long extinct. As the professor often said, “The divine feminine had to hide in the bodies of sensitive, talented men in order to preserve and protect mankind from itself.”

So, inspired and excited by the progressive 20th century liberation of women in the civilized world, and the subsequent emergence of super-strong women who were physically more powerful than most men could ever hope to be, the professor came up with the idea of a world-wide “community” of strong women, connected by the internet, and dedicated to the protection of women from ‘patriarchal’ abuse, and also promoting the mentoring and strengthening of girls still at school.

This is how Jessica came into my life.

She is a 21-year-old liberal arts student at Columbia University and a founding member of GCSW. She has dark-brown hair, is 5’11” tall, beautifully proportioned, a face that is to die for, and she is STRONG. Her muscles aren’t overly large, but when she flexes they become hard as granite. She first demonstrated her awesome strength by easily lifting my 125lbs over her head…WITH ONE HAND!!! I sat on her shoulder. Then she placed the palm of her right hand under my butt and effortlessly pressed me to arms length…3 times! It was the most thrilling “ride” I’d ever had, and that includes Space Mountain at Disney World.

GCSW sends young Amazons like Jessica to schools to discover and recruit girls with above-average strength potential. I was always into sport and music – soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, violin and orchestra – and I was fortunate to have a violin teacher who supported and encouraged my sporting activities. I am 5’8” tall and have beaten lots of guys in arm-wrestling matches, but I’m nowhere remotely near the strength of Jessica. In fact I haven’t met anyone who is. Of course, she says she is nowhere near as strong as Jill Mills or Becca Swanson, but in my book she is as strong as anyone needs be. And she is training me to become as strong as I can be.

She comes to my house three times a week to strength train me in our basement. My step-dad has a fully-equipped gym, which he seldom uses. But he likes Jessica and lets us have free rein.

And now for the dramatic climax to my story.

Last month Jess and I were working out in the basement as usual when my step-dad came home drunk. We heard him ranting and throwing things around. Then we heard my mother groaning and crying, and we both knew what he was doing to her. Without a moment’s hesitation Jessica was bounding up the stairs, with me following behind. She grabbed his arm as he was about to land another blow. He yelped in pain as her incredible grip crushed the bones of his forearm. With her other hand she hoisted him onto her broad, powerful shoulders, then pressed him bodily above her head before throwing him onto the floor. She then lifted him off the floor by his shirt, holding him dangling at least six inches in the air – and in a soft but menacing voice she said:

“Mr. Carter, if you ever lift a hand against your wife again you will have to be hospitalized for severely crushed bones and broken limbs. You felt some of the power of my grip, and I was holding back because I didn’t want to break anything – yet – but next time you’ll discover the full extent of my strength, and I just know you won’t want to. So make sure there is no “next time.’” And with that she lowered him ever so gently until his feet found the floor.

“Come Marian,” she said to me, “we have a lot more work to do,” and I followed her downstairs to the basement. For the rest of the evening I was in a state of absolute rapture.

It’s been over a month now and my step-father hasn’t swallowed as much as a teaspoon of booze. And my mother is happier than I’ve ever known her to be.

Jessica, I can never thank you enough! And GCSW too!


GCSW by Alan