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Site Updated: 3 August 2016.
WARNING: This site contains some moderate nudity.
Links from this site may be to sites of adult nature.

The number 1 portal for sexy muscle and fitness girls, and other beautiful babes with muscular physique...

Imagine you sitting there and this sexy muscular woman passes by, with her bulging biceps carrying her strong things. Her v-shaped back and muscular legs make you dream of worshipping her big calves. And the rest of her muscles. You can't take her eyes of her and then she turns to you, asking whether this chair is free. When she bends foreover a little, you grasp for air and stumble a yes. Everything you fantasized about a woman is in front of you... You will never forget. No dreaming no more. This great looking muscular woman chooses to sit with you. What's next?

Who knows? But we know you can find it here! This resource has everything concerning sexy muscle girls, female muscle, amazons, fitness babes, ripped girls, buff chicks, female muscle growth, and strong women in one place! Do not go here if you do not like feminine nor big muscles on a woman! All contents is created by ourselves or sent directly to us for publication. From fan site to official site. From real life dairies to fantasy stories. From plain photography to muscle morphs. From sketches to 3D-artwork. If it is on the web and related to muscular women, then it is listed here. No wonder professionals in the scene use our listings! This is their most popular site to find muscular women. Models, wrestlers, posers and admirers who enjoy female muscles obtained by body strength and physique training are invited to list their sites here. If you are a muscular woman and want exposure, you should be listed here. No matter how you ontained those muscles and what you do with them, you are welcome. We do not judge you for what you do, if you have muscular female physique, then you are welcome to join our listings. If you are about muscular women, but not listed here, then you do not exist!

We bring you sexy fitness girls, huge muscular giantess and flexing fantasy stories. Galleries of the ripped Debbie Kruck, Nikki Warner, Denise Masino, Autumn Raby, Krisztina Sereny, Goddess Heather, Wendy Rider and more. Some of these amazons model, advise, instruct or wrestle. You have a female muscle domination fetish for nude sexy muscular girls? Do female biceps, thighs, calves, pecs and abs turn you on? Then this is your portal to female muscle and fitness babes, and everything else about feminine muscles, muscular women, fitness babes, muscle women, female bodybuilders, buff chicks, dominating amazons, strong nude girls and female muscle fetish (femuscle). Bouncing pecs and bulging biceps on a woman! You will find facts about the sexy Debbie Kruck and other attractive women of fitness and bodybuilding. Sexy muscle girls and muscular babes rated from female bikini muscle to elegant nude hardbody muscles. If you like kinky female muscle fetish, it is here too. We do not display explicit adult rated content ourselves, but list to all sites if they have a proper warning. You are a man that is to be beaten by a dominating muscular women that rules? You find strong sexy muscle women like Goddess Heather and Denise Masino dominating weaker men with ease. Find your muscular woman for a mixed wrestling session here - you will loose it whilst experiencing heaven!

Muscle Anime Manga Wow! We are also in all art, like manga and anime. Anime and manga cartoons are very popular and manga muscle women and anime muscular girls look great. Sexy muscle babe drawings, heat female bodybuilders painted in nude and in tight sleeves. If it exists, you will find it here! The site includes photo and artwork pictures, stories and many links. If you like sexy female muscles and beautiful muscular women, then this is the place to be for female muscle fetish! Sexy ripped women everywhere. You see, we cannot stop ourselves... Muscles of Dee Kay exposes female bodybuilders, fitness girls and other female muscle. If you ever thought muscles and femininity are a contradiction, then you have come to the right place. The beauty of female muscular physique is broadly recognized by many people (men and women) all over the world. Several photographers and artists publish their pictures or artwork of these beautiful muscular women and sexy muscle girls at Muscles of Dee Kay. Debbie Kruck is one of the most versatile fitness models of today. Muscles of Dee Kay is glad to have a section dedicated to this stunning beauty! Debbie Kruck is a sexy super feminine centerfold with a perfect combination of biceps, triceps, thighs, calves, abdominals and laterals who proofs that muscles and women do harmonize. Did you know Debbie Kruck was one of the initial reasons why we created this site in the first place? To explore female muscle further, Muscles of Dee Kay has the best maintained links resource. It is the web's most famous entry point into the world of female muscle. Pictures, resources, stories, artwork, cartoons, drawings, links - all about women with muscles. Your journey starts here and will change your life forever. Take a deep breath and enter....

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