Muscles of Dee Kay

Mac's Auto Parts

A story by Dreamspinner about muscular woman romance

published at Muscles of Dee Kay with kind permission of the author

Mac's Auto Parts

Johnny Smith got his first part-time job in April of 1965, working Tuesday's and Thursday's after school and all day on Saturday at Mac's Auto Parts. Dozens of high school boys had worked for Mac over the years, and the old man had learned how to quickly evaluate a boy's potential. Mac made each new boy spend the first two weeks stocking shelves and learning how to read the two-foot thick cross-referenced parts manuals. The old man had a real knack for figuring out whom he was going to keep on the payroll and whom he was going to let go, and he liked what he saw in Johnny.

On the Saturday of Johnny's third week, Mac called him in his office before they opened the store. Mac said, "Have a seat Johnny", and poured him a cup of coffee. The old man took a sip from his own cup and said, "You've been doin' a good job so far. Memorizing all these parts and where they go ain't easy, but you've caught on fast. Now its time for you to learn the hard part-today I'm gonna teach you how to wait on customers. Dealin' with the public ain't easy, I'm tellin' ya. Some people are impossible to please. There's one person in particular you have to be especially careful with. It's a lady named Ethel. Kind of a mean-lookin' woman, very independent. She lives alone on a farm about ten miles from here. She does her own farm work-always has, I've heard, and she does all her mechanickin' herself too. Won't let anybody help her. Thing is, Johnny, she's been a good customer, and I wouldn't want to lose her business-if you get my drift."
Johnny had been paying close attention. The news from Viet Nam wasn't good, and jobs were scarce. He was determined to do his best. And, he needed the money. He was planning on going to college in the fall, and didn't want to lose a student deferment because he couldn't afford to stay in school. "I understand Mac", he said. "I won't let you down. You can count on me. I've always gotten along with women anyway." "Well", Mac said, "She ain't no ordinary 'woman'. Like I said, she's 'independent'. So, Johnny my boy, you ready to learn the fine art of dealing with the public?"
"Yessir, I am. Let's get started", Johnny said with pimply-faced, eighteen year-old enthusiasm. They threw their paper coffee cups in the wastebasket and walked out of Mac's office, down the main isle between the shelves to the counter. Johnny stayed behind the counter while Mac went to the door to unlock it. There was only one customer outside, waiting for Mac to open the store-a scowling gray-haired woman wearing coveralls over a baggy red sweatshirt.
"Hey Johnny" Mac said, turning to the boy. "That there's Ethel." The old man unlocked the door and opened it.

"It's about time, you old piece of shit." Ethel said, without a trace of a smile. She pushed past Mac and spat, "You're five minutes late."
"Nice to see you, Ethel. How are you this fine day?" Mac replied, without a moment's hesitation. He turned and winked at Johnny. "Ethel", Mac began, "I'd like you to meet my new boy. His name's Johnny." Johnny walked briskly out from behind the counter, hand extended for a greeting.
"It's nice to meet you Ma'am", Johnny said. She took his hand. Her grip was vise-like, as powerful as a man's. She looked at him with her fierce blue eyes. "Just call me 'Ethel', boy", she said, her grip tightening with every second. Johnny's hand began to hurt, and tears came to his eyes. She loosened her grip, turned to Mac and said, "He's kinda puny, ain't he?"
"Take it easy, Ethel", Mac replied. "He's young, that's all. He's a quick learner, and I think he'll be all right once he learns the ropes." Mac turned to Johnny and winked. He could tell the meeting had shaken Johnny, and knew the boy needed some time to re-group. "Johnny", Mac said, "Why don't you stock those parts that came in last night? I'll take care of Ethel."

Johnny nodded to Ethel and Mac, and hurried to the stockroom where the previous evening's delivery waited to be unpacked and stocked. By the time he reached the back room, he was crying, massaging his right hand. Johnny couldn't understand how a woman could be so strong. "She's not big, either" Johnny said out loud. "She's about five foot five, and can't weigh more than 140 pounds. I guess she's gotten so strong from doing all her own work." As he sat in the stockroom massaging his hand, he thought about her iron grip. There was something about her strength and her steely demeanor that Johnny liked very much. He remembered seeing the veins under the skin of her thick wrist as she gripped his hand, and his eighteen year-old dick got as hard as a broomstick.

He heard the sound of Mac's footsteps. "Johnny", Mac asked as he walked to the stockroom. "How'r ya comin' with these parts?"
Johnny jumped up and tore open one of the boxes. "OK, Mac." he said, regretting he was not done with his job already, and hoping the old man wouldn't see his hardon. "I should have them unpacked in a few minutes. Then I'll be able to get them on the shelves."
"Is there a rear axle in this shipment?" Mac asked. "Ethel ordered one for her pickup, and she's out front raisin' Hell because it's a day late."
"Yeah", Johnny answered. "It's over here, Mac." The axle was lying on the floor against the back wall of the stockroom.
"Good", Mac said. "I'd hate to have to take any more of her guff this morning. Uh, look Johnny, I hate to tell you this, but I've gotta run an errand. I'm gonna have to leave you alone for about a half hour. I'll tell Ethel her axle's here. I'll get the guy from next door to help load it into my truck when I get back. The packing slip says it weighs about 180 pounds, so we'll need him. Then I'd like you to deliver it to Ethel's place. I know that's a lot to ask. You think you're up to it? I know how she can be."
The thought of being alone with the powerful woman made Johnny's heart pound. "Sure, Mac" the boy said. "I think I can get on her good side."
"Good luck", Mac replied. "I don't think she has a good side. OK, I'm gonna go back out front and tell her there's gonna be a delay. Better cover your ears. She's not gonna like hearing what I have to tell her." Mac walked back to the counter, where Ethel was pacing, her jaws clenched.
Johnny heard Ethel curse Mac when he told her she'd have to wait at least another half hour. She yelled, "Johnny! Get out here!" The boy hurried out to the counter. Ethel continued, "Mac tells me I have to wait another half-hour at least, so I'm countin' on you to help me pass the time." She was scowling, hands on her hips, daring him to refuse.
"I'll be glad to, Ma'am", Johnny said, his heart racing.
"I told you to call me 'Ethel', boy!" she said, glaring at him.
"I'll be back as soon as I can", Mac said. "Ethel, take it easy on the boy, willya? I don't want you to scare him off!" Mac winked at Johnny, walked out of the store, got into his truck and drove off, leaving Johnny alone with the woman.

After Mac's truck was out of sight, Ethel pushed up her sleeves to the elbow and crossed her arms on the counter. Johnny could see why her grip was so powerful-her forearms were thickly muscled. "I've got a secret", she said quietly. "Bet you can't guess what it is."
"I have no idea, Ethel", Johnny said, voice trembling. "Tell me."
"I've got big muscles", she said, flexing her forearms, one after the other. Johnny couldn't believe what he had heard or what he was seeing. His ultimate masturbatory fantasy was of a muscular, mature woman. He had spent years beating off to a mental image of a woman he never believed could really exist. Now, to his utter astonishment, his fantasy stood before him in the flesh, flexing her steely forearms.

"Women aren't supposed to have big muscles", Johnny said, hoping his comment would provoke her.
"Well, this one does", she snapped.
"Tell me more, Ethel" Johnny asked, cotton-mouthed. "How, or why, and for how long…I mean, I've never heard of a woman with big muscles."
"Well, it all started when I was visiting my cousin in California many years ago", Ethel said. "We went to Muscle Beach. When I saw those musclemen, I thought to myself, 'I want to look like that'. So, after I got back I made some weights out of concrete blocks and started lifting. My muscles grew real fast. My homemade weights were just too easy to lift. I realized I needed real ones if I wanted to keep getting bigger-and I did…I wanted big bulging muscles like the ones I saw on those guys on Muscle Beach. So I ordered some iron weights from a guy named Joe Weider I met when I was in California, and set up a gym in my barn. I've been lifting every day for all those years. I work out after I finish my chores. I strip down to my undies, and lift until my muscles are bulging and I can't lift anymore." Johnny felt as if he were going to faint, and he held on to the counter so he wouldn't fall down. "Do I have your attention, boy?" she asked, a look of vague amusement in her eyes.
Johnny's dick was stiff. "Yes, Ethel, you-you do" he stammered. "But you said this was a 'secret'…if it is, why're you telling me?"
"Well, that's another, 'special' secret…are you interested in what it might be" she asked seductively. Her face, which had been so hard, had softened, and her blue eyes were glowing. "Tell me", the boy said.

Ethel reached across the counter and stroked the side of Johnny's face. "I like telling high school boys my secret…I think it turns them on." She paused and looked over her shoulder as if she were making sure they were alone. Then she said, "And…I like to show my muscles to boys like you. I like to see if I can make them come just by making my muscles swell." Ethel's face had moved closer to the boy's as she spoke. She reached behind his neck and pulled his young face to hers and whispered, "I have the feeling this conversation has made your dick hard…am I right, boy?" she asked. She pulled him closer, her eyes closed, her lips parted. Johnny trembled, ready, but afraid. Then he saw a car pull up. A man got out and walked towards the store.

"Ethel! There's somebody comin'", Johnny blurted, red-faced. The woman quickly turned away and walked to the other side of the showroom, and pretended to look at a display. The man came in the store and said, "Mornin'…Mac around?"
Johnny still gripped the counter. "No", he finally answered. "He's out for a while. Can I help you? I'm Johnny Smith, Mac's new boy."
"Nice ta meecha" said the man. "I need a fuel pump for a '57 Chevy six-cylinder." Johnny leafed through the parts manual on the countertop and found the listing.
"Here it is…it should be on the top shelf on aisle 2", the boy said to himself. He wrote down the parts number on a scrap of paper, walked down aisle 2, found the part and brought it out and laid it on the counter.
The man picked it up and looked it over. "This is it", he said. He gave the boy a twenty. Johnny rang it up on the old National cash register, gave the man his change and his receipt. The man left the store, nodding to Ethel on his way out. He got in his car and drove off. Johnny looked over at the woman. She stared at the boy, her arms crossed over her chest. She was flexing her biceps, one after the other. The boy could see her muscles swelling under the sleeves of her baggy sweatshirt. His heart began to pound again. Then he saw Mac pull in.
"I got done quicker than I thought I would", Mac said coming through the door. "Lemme call the guy next door and we'll get that axle of yours loaded up so you can be on your way, Ethel."

Johnny followed Ethel's beat-up station wagon down the gravel road to her place. He could see her axle in the back of Mac's truck when he looked in the rearview mirror. The guy who had helped load the axle was about Johnny's size, and it had taken all the strength they could muster to get it in the bed of the truck. Ethel had stood by, watching them struggle with the heavy part, wearing the same look of vague amusement she had when she was telling the boy about her muscles.
Ethel pulled in her drive and drove to where her pickup stood on concrete blocks. Johnny pulled in behind her, turned the truck around, backed it up next to the pickup and turned off the motor. He got out of the truck and opened the tailgate.
"OK, Johnny", the woman said. "Better get this thing out."
"Just the two of us?" the boy asked incredulously.
"No." she said. "I'll do it myself." She pulled a pair of heavy leather work gloves out of her back pocket and laid them on the tailgate of Mac's truck. Then she slipped the suspenders of her overalls off her shoulders, reached down and grabbed the hem of her sweatshirt and pulled it off over her head. She wasn't wearing a brassiere. "Hope you don't mind, boy…heavy lifting makes me hot", she said matter-of-factly.

She was as muscular as any man Johnny had ever seen. The heavy veins under the skin of her thick wrists ran up her forearms and across baseball-sized biceps. Her shoulders were as big as coconut halves, and her chest was broad and deep. She had no fat on her stomach, and Johnny counted three rows of muscles above the waistband of her overalls. She slowly put on her work gloves. Her biceps rode up and down on her upper arms when she twisted her wrists, pulling on her gloves. The boy was mesmerized. His dick threatened to burst through his pants.

"Not bad for an old broad, eh Johnny?" Ethel asked as she slammed her gloved fist into the palm of her other hand. "Now stand back, sonny", she said. "I wouldn't want you to get hurt." She grabbed the axle and pulled it halfway out of the truck. Then she put both hands under the axle and lifted it clear. Her muscles trembled with the strain, and her thick veins quickly filled with blood-her arms looked as if they were covered with nightcrawlers. She carried the axle to her pickup and let it drop on the ground. She shook her arms and flexed her fingers. "Damn, that sucker's heavy", she said, gasping for breath. She took her gloves off and began to massage her biceps. "Johnny…can you do this for me?" she asked the boy coyly.
"Yeah", he said, swallowing hard. "What should I do?" he asked.
"Just feel around on 'em", the woman replied. "Try to get the circulation back." Her biceps was huge. Johnny could barely get both hands around her upper arm. He felt the springy thickness of the relaxed muscle, and his dick throbbed. "Wrap your hands around my right arm", Ethel suddenly demanded. Johnny did as he was told. "Now feel this", she said. She straightened her arm, made a fist, and began to bend her elbow. Johnny felt her biceps contract, swelling under his trembling fingers. The muscle peaked as her elbow reached ninety degrees of flexion. The boy ran his fingers over the ridge atop the woman's burgeoned biceps, and traced the lines of her heavy veins with his forefinger. He felt a sudden familiar surging in his loins, and began to breathe deeply. "Johnny my boy…don't come yet", Ethel warned. "You ain't seen nothin' yet! Follow me, boy", she said seductively.
Johnny followed her as she walked in the direction of her barn, marveling at her broad shoulders, her narrow waist, the thick ropey muscles on each side of her spine, and her high protuberant ass. He decided he had underestimated her weight back at Mac's…now he thought she must weigh 185, if not more.

When they reached the barn, Ethel turned and faced the boy. She reached for his crotch and felt his dick, still hard as a pole. "Just like I like 'em", the woman said, feeling him enthusiastically. She slid the barn door open and said, "C'mon inside", taking him by the hand.
"Let's lift weights, Johnny", she said as she led him to a corner of the barn where she had her weights set up. "Let's do curls…that's my favorite. Here, I'll show you how." She picked up a short barbell, bent along its length in the shape of the letter "W". She put a 35 pound plate on each end, and secured each weight with a collar. "I'm just gonna warm up. What I want you to do is stand behind me and put your hands on my muscles…and stand real close, Johnny my boy, so I can feel your stiff dick pushing against my ass." The boy got behind her and grabbed hold of her upper arms. Ethel bent over and picked up the barbell. She began to curl eighty-five pounds as if it were a feather. Johnny felt her baseball-sized biceps slide up her arm, swelling and hardening as she raised the weight, then trembling and lengthening as she lowered it. And he felt her rock-solid buttocks clamping together against his crotch when she hoisted the weight. After she had lifted the barbell ten times, she dropped in on the dirt floor, turned to him and asked, "How're ya doin' boy?" Johnny could only gape-she had begun to sweat, and her pale muscular torso glistened in the dim light of the barn.

Ethel added another 35 pound plate to each end of the barbell. "Now let's have some real fun, Johnny…let's get naked!" she said, eyes blazing with excitement. Johnny fumbled with his shirt buttons, trying to get undressed as fast as he could. By the time he got his clothes off, Ethel was already standing by the weight, waiting for him like a dream come true.
"OK, same as before, stand behind me so you can feel my muscles." She bent over and picked up the bar. "Now stick your dick in the crack of my ass!" the woman commanded. Johnny pushed his hardon between her rock-hard glutes. She was slippery with sweat. As Ethel raised and lowered her barbell, her buttocks flexed and relaxed, rhythmically squeezing the boy's stiff dick.
Johnny suddenly felt as if electricity was passing through his body. He yelled, "Ethel, I'm gonna come!" The woman dropped the barbell, turned around, knelt down and took the boy's eighteen year-old dick in her mouth. She swallowed his spurting cum, milking out every drop with her strong right hand.

Johnny's head was swimming. He had sat down hard on the dirt floor after he came. When he opened his eyes, he saw Ethel sitting on the floor. She had her knees drawn up to her chest, her toes girlishly wriggling in the dirt. She was smiling. After a few moments, she got on all fours, crawled over to the boy, grabbed him by the head and pulled his face to hers. She kissed him hard, pushing her tongue deep in his mouth. He could taste his cum, and he liked it. Then she pulled back and said, "OK, Johnny…my turn. I want to feel your muscles now. She felt his biceps and mused, "I think I'll see if you can curl 50 pounds." She stood up, took the four 35 pound plates off the bar, and replaced them with two smaller ones. "OK, boy, do what I did, but this time, I'll stand behind you", she whispered hoarsely.
Ethel got behind the boy. She put her lips by his ear and whispered, "OK, Johnny, pick up the bar." He bent over, straightened up, and began to lift the barbell. He felt her strong hands squeezing his biceps, and her incongruously soft breasts pressing against his back. She ran her tongue around his ear and groaned, "Verrrry nice, my pretty boy…nice little muscles straining to lift my weights. Don't stop, Johnny, I'm going to come very soon." Ethel's grip tightened on Johnny's hardening biceps. He could hear her breathing heavily in his ear. He finished his tenth rep and was about to put the bar down, when the woman shouted, "Do ten more boy, I'm about to come!"
He pulled on the weight. It seemed twice as heavy as before. "Damn, Johnny, you've got nice little muscles! Make 'em hard for me, make 'em swell up for Ethel!" she screamed. Johnny's dick stiffened at the sound of her arousal. She reached around and grabbed his hardon. "Drop the weight, Johnny, drop the weight and fuck me now!" she yelled, pushing the barbell out of the boy's hands. She fell backwards, pulling Johnny down on top of her. She slipped his dick inside her hot pussy and began to heave under him like a boat on the ocean, her iron-strong arms wrapped around his eighteen year-old body like steel bands, squeezing him until he could hardly breathe. Then she came, writhing on the dirt floor, weeping with her orgasms, cursing, clutching the boy's buttocks, kissing him deeply, biting his lips.

Johnny woke at sunset, lying in the woman's arms. He looked at Ethel and kissed her on the forehead. He propped himself up on one elbow and surveyed her pale muscular body, now completely relaxed. Then he looked up and saw one of the woman's barn cats sitting on a hay bale, staring at him with yellow eyes.