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Name Debbie Kruck
Debbie Kruck by Pich Blaaknes
Picture by Pich Blaaknes.
Born 23 February 1963
Danbury, Connecticut.
Height 1,65m (5'6").
Weight 59kg (130lb).
Contact Address:
Debbie Kruck
PO Box 2026,
Ormond Beach, FL 32175,

(listed with her permission).
Maried to National Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Tim Forrester (on November 2, 2010).
Occupation Owner of Debbie Kruck Fitness and Pilates Studio
Webmaster of and
Hostess of Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic,
Spokes person of MET-Rx USA Inc.
Promotor of children's health and safety:
Titles Ms. Fitness USA 1989.
Ms. Fitness America 1990.
Ms. Fitness Extravaganza 1992.
Ms. Strong & Shapely Profitness Champion 1992.
Ms. Global Physique International.
Academy of Bodybuilding and Fitness - Fitness Model of the Year.
Ms. Strong & Shapely Profitness Champion 1993.
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Debbie Kruck by Pich Blaaknes
Picture by Pich Blaaknes
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